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BBQ with my friends... 1 year anniversary!

As you probably know, "BBQ with my friends" was the first single from my first full length album "Feli Had A Little Lamp". I was so happy that my talented friend - actor and singer - Jerome Kaluta participated in the song. A lot of our dearest and closest friends made a cameo in our music video, exceptional artists such as Monsieur Zeraw (from Vegas pop group), mezzo soprano Sofia Kapetanakou, bass guitar player Alex Papakonstantinou (from the bands Onirama, Little Black Something), pop singer Louis Georgiou and pop singer Marianthi Ballia. But what I enjoyed the most was my parents cameo.

"BBQ with my friends" was my first music video ever for one of my personal songs and I was so glad and honoured that Sherif Francis was the Director and the DOP of it. I produced it myself, as our company Martini & Cookie Films produces music videos for other artists as well. This was my time to shine, so I had to produce my own music video for once. And it feels like yesterday, although a year went by.

You may watch the full music video on YouTube:

And don't forget to stream freely on every digital platform you like:

Photo by Nikos Pournelis (2021)

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