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I've worked as an Assistant Director for the "Moby Dick" musical!

Something you probably didn't know about me is that recently I had the chance to work at a big production in Athens (Greece)! "Moby Dick" the musical by Dimitris Papadimitriou was one of the biggest theatre productions in the past years, produced by the Onassis Foundation. I've worked both as an Assistant Director and as a Production Coordinator for the show and for the full length album. I was an amazing experience that gave me much more qualifications on huge and difficult opera and musical projects.

"Moby Dick" was first staged by Yiannis Kakleas in 2020, but the show was cancelled due to the pandemic after only 9 performances. Later in 2021, the album was recorded and finally in 2022 we had the chance to successfully bring it back to life.

I've been in this project for three years and I've always believed that a piece of me remained there. I also loved the backstage vlog I made about my experience on this show. You may watch it on YouTube. Sorry in advance for those who don't understand Greek.

My vlog on YouTube (2022):

TV Trailer (2022):

Theatre Trailer (2020):

The music album (2022):

Press Conference photo (2022):

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