Photoshoot by Georgina Staikou - 2018

Opéra de Baugé - 2017

Conductors: John Andrews & Konstantinos Diminakis

Stage Director: Bernadette Grimmett

Feli Moschos as member of the chorus

Photoshoot by Georgina Staikou - 2019

Musical: The Couch - 2016

Librettist/Stage Director/Choreographer/Producer: Feli Moschos

Photoshoot by Georgina Staikou -2018

Musical: This is Swing! - 2014/2015

Librettist/Stage Director/Choreographer: Feli Moschos

Role of Chrysoula by Feli Moschos

Contemporary Dance: The Place - 2013

Concept/Stage Director/Choreographer/Producer: Feli Moschos

Live Shows

Musical: Chicago - 2015

Conductor: Yiorgos Fakanas

Stage Director/Choreographer: Feli Moschos

Opera: The Telephone - 2012

Producer/Stage Director: Feli Moschos

Photoshoot by Le Lektra - 2010

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